How to get text messages from another iPhone

How To Receive Messages From Another iPhone? 3 Simple Ways

Technological advances provide users with tremendous opportunities. But many features remain hidden from users.
Configuring devices provides maximum communication convenience. Let’s take care of loved ones. If you have a small child, then a reasonable amount of control will protect him from inappropriate information.

Owning a business article will also be useful. Not all long-term employees do this well. Perhaps the manager you are considering firing is the most caring and attentive to your customers’ needs. We’ll show you how to find out.

How to receive messages with iMessage on all Apple devices

It is necessary to enter the program from all accounts on all gadgets. Handoff will allow you to start a dialogue on your smartphone, and continue the conversation on your tablet or PC.

Connection algorithm:

  • Go to Settings, then go to the Messages section, select iMessage, and drag the slider until it turns green. If all this is done, click Send / Receive and enter your Apple ID.
  • If you have a Mac and want to get all the benefits of the ecosystem by turning on synchronization, go to the Messages section, then go to the settings, find the entrance to the Apple ID, and enter your details.

The configuration is done, now you will receive all messages in one place. This will save a lot of time and take no more than 10 minutes.

How to block access to my messages

One Apple ID on different devices, allows you to use the product purchased in iTunes without re-purchase. Most often, these are music, films, and applications. The disadvantage is the synchronization of several programs. Family members or friends can receive messages from another iPhone.

This can be avoided by proper configuration. The best solution is Family Sharing. To use it, each member of the family must have their account. Enter your Apple ID and email address on each device.

Apple ID Change Algorithm

  • You need to do simple steps for this. Go to the Settings section, then go to Messages, select Send / Receive, find the Apple ID item, exit it, click Use your Apple ID.
  • After that, simply enter the details of the new account.

These steps should be performed by all family members who have previously used the same account.

The procedure for editing the mailing address

  • Go to Settings, and then select Messages, then Send / Receive.
  • Go to your Apple ID section, then click on the email address you want to delete (the checkmark next to it should disappear).

After performing these steps, access will be lost. The above steps should be carried out on all gadgets connected to your account to maintain the confidentiality of correspondence. Until this moment, they will have access.

Instructions for changing the phone number

  • Go to: Settings → Messages → iMessage (must be enabled).
  • Press: Send / Receive → Your Apple ID → You can receive/send messages from (Next should be your phone and Apple ID).
  • Go to: Settings → FaceTime → You can contact at (must be your phone number and personal Apple ID).

The procedure for connecting the phone number can be repeated on other devices (Mac, or iPad).

Parental controls: How to receive messages from another iPhone

A moderate level of control ensures the safety of the child. In the period of accessibility of information – this is reasonable. If the child has an iPhone, then setting up control is easy.
Be sure to talk with the children before taking action. Honesty is the key to a trusting relationship. Tell us why you are doing this, define the rules, restrictions for both parties, as well as the consequences.

Who is eligible? Requirements

  • Be a parent or guardian and have an Apple device with iOS version 7 or higher.
  • Have a shared iCloud account configured on the child and parent gadgets. Connecting the same account is required. A shared account also allows you to use Family Share, share music, and decline / confirm purchases.
  • The amount of time to complete all actions. If you are a beginner, then 20 minutes. Understanding technology? Then go for 5.
  • Carry your device and child with you, providing access to the Internet, or a Wi-Fi connection.

Set up a child’s smartphone

  1. Go to: Settings → Messages → Send / Receive → Apple ID (your account must be active). It will allow you to view messages. If another is connected, exit, and go to the parent.
  2. The lines “You can receive iMessage messages” and “Start a conversation with” leave only the phone.
  3. The device is ready. It remains only to block access to changing these settings. We will talk about this a little later.

Parent device setup

  • Check which account your smartphone is connected to Settings → iCloud.
  • Is the appropriate phone/mail: Messages → Sending/receiving → “Receive iMessage messages” and “Start a conversation with.” Enter the contact details of the parent.

Will you be able to receive messages from another iPhone? Testing

Connect both devices to the network and ask someone to write to your phone. It should come only to you. Then ask to write on the number of the child. He should receive SMS in iMessage, and a copy will be received on your phone.

Change Restriction

Follow the steps on the child’s phone so that he cannot remove the control himself.

  • Settings → General → Restrictions. You may need to enable restrictions by entering/creating your password.
  • At the bottom of the screen: Allow changes → Accounts → Do not allow changes.
  • Go back: Settings → Messages → Send / Receive. The section should not be clickable. In the future, to make changes, you will need to allow the action by repeating the second step of this instruction.

How can I receive text messages from another iPhone to mine?

Employees tend to perform work in the presence of superiors or during an audit responsibly. The communication of staff with customers greatly affects the image of the company. Perhaps this is one of the weaknesses of your business.

Xnspy monitoring application will help to check staff communication with customers. It provides parental control. Assumes software installation. To start monitoring, provide iCloud data for a specific device. To receive messages from another iPhone, the consent of the owner is required.
To start, log in from the target smartphone to the XNSPY Web account on the site.

In the management account, you can select a specific device and see all the information on communication. The application allows you to receive messages from another iPhone and track:

  • Phone calls, SMS and contact list.
  • Social networks and multimedia in some of them. Supported messengers: Facebook Messenger, Viber, Tinder, Instagram, Skype, Kik, iMessage, WhatsApp, Line.
  • Location, travel history, and monitoring of selected locations.
  • Email (standard email client and Gmail). Monitor browsing history, incoming and outgoing, specific phrases, saved bookmarks and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Record telephone conversations and ambient sounds.
  • Reports: TOP-5 subscribers, TOP-5 of the longest calls, TOP-10 visited sites.
  • Access to photos, videos and calendar entries.
  • Remote control: blocking the device and applications, deleting data, viewing installed programs, sending commands, screenshots.
  • Notification of specific contacts, phrases, places, or SIM changes.

The software is compatible with iOS 6.x and higher, as well as Android (4.x to 10). Works with and without Jailbreak. Android requires rooting.

Modern technology has greatly simplified our lives. At the same time, they endanger personal data and open access to information that is undesirable for children. Above are popular methods for receiving messages from other devices.

They can be used for corporate purposes to ensure the usability of their devices and protect children from inappropriate content. Be careful and follow safety precautions when using your device.

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