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How Useful Can Be An iPhone Spy App? Which one is the best?

Start using an iPhone Spy app for any kind of purpose, legal purpose. A few years ago, getting anything good was really hard, and even harder, it made tracking software work properly. Regular crashes, malfunctions, interface from the 20th century, and other little and huge problems, that made spyware completely unusable until now.

Now a lot of those issues are completely gone. Spyware finally works properly. Hidden spy apps for iPhone are actually hidden, unlike before, when it just had no icon on the main screen, but you were able to find it in an application list. Now they are invisible by any means. They don’t drain battery like crazy; they don’t freeze a phone completely. A user of a target device can use it freely without even noticing that all his actions are visible for you.

Do I need a jailbreak?

The curse of jailbreak is also defeated. But partially. Most of those spy apps for iPhone still need it to work properly with all functionality they can offer to you. But for simple location, location history, messages, or call logs, it is unnecessary to break your phone. Moreover, Spyzie completely defeated this curse, so you can install this spyware on the phone without doing anything to it.

What is the problem with jailbreaking devices?

Jailbreak, as you can get from the name of this application, is lifting restrictions put on an iPhone by the manufacturer. By default, you are not allowed to install any software directly from the internet. No game, no utility, not even a music player. Why did they do it? They talk a lot about safety, but the real reason is that they just could.

Actually, for an average iPhone user, there is no need for hacking his phone. All apps are in the apple store; all music and other media are in iTunes, so everything is safe. Also, jailbreaking completely destroys the antivirus protection of an iPhone. So, it will be vulnerable to malware, viruses, third party spying, etc.

And that’s a real problem. If you want to spy on the iPhone of your subordinates to prevent them from doing absolutely nothing in working hours, it would be easy to intercept calls, messages, and other data from their corporate devices. And that’s a problem you have to know about. But in 2020, a lot of spyware brands released the solution. In most cases, there would be no need for hacking an iPhone, losing warranty, and making IOS vulnerable to everything you can find online.

What do I need to spy on iPhone?

Nowadays, there is no need to install something directly on the phone. You can do everything remotely, which is very useful if you have to set up tracking of almost a hundred phones for our company. The only need is access to Apple ID accounts of each device. If you have a login and password for each one, that you should have, then you can proceed with the installation. And there is no need to keep all devices nearby.

How to spy on another iPhone?

Without having a login and password for an iCloud account, you cannot spy on iPhone. It is completely impossible. So, there is no way you can track a phone that does not belong to you. And there is no hidden application that allows someone to track you without knowing your login and password. Also, tacking an adult secretly is illegal, and we don’t appreciate it.

Is it possible to view someone’s iPhone activity for free?

The only way you can see someone’s iPhone activities for free is by a trial period. There are no other safe ways of free spying. You should remember that developing spyware requires many resources. And that’s why it can be quite expensive. So, if you see somewhere on the web “a free spyware tool”, it is most likely to be malware or a phishing app. Don’t download it, especially if they ask you to jailbreak your device.

How useful an iPhone spy app can be today?

Speaking of functionality, nothing special appeared this year so far. Each brand offers you the same functionality as before, but it is much easier and satisfying to use spyware today. We can finally get used to a better interface. Developers finally got into competition with each other. This is great for us – users.

Let’s see what an iPhone spy app can do:

  • Location tracking;
  • Location history;
  • Call logs;
  • SMS messages;
  • Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, and other messengers monitoring;
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media monitoring;
  • Call records;
  • Call interceptions.

Location tracking

Every single application that allows you to spy on iPhone has location tracking services. It collects real-time positioning data from a target smartphone and transfers all information into an online console. Then you can see where a phone is as well as a user.

It works on every modern mobile phone. These little devices have built-in GPS modules for tracking their position. They also use cell towers, local wi-fi, and even Bluetooth to get their position as precisely as possible. And all these data are in use by various apps, so you can see the best discounts in stores and restaurants nearby. And spyware allows getting this data too.

Location history tracking

With all the location data coming in, spyware can make a precise schedule where and for how long the user was. An iPhone spy app can make location history by itself or just transfer data from the phone.

Call logs

Call logs monitor is one of the most basic applications of any spyware for smartphones. Both iPhone and Android. It allows you to see all the inbound and outbound phone calls, just like you can see in the call history on your own device.

SMS messages monitoring

Another pretty common feature is SMS messages monitoring. You can see it featured by every spy app. And in most cases, you can have this feature even without jailbreak because it is apparently easy to set up without lifting any limits set by developers.

Messengers monitor

One of the most useful features spyware can have is a messenger monitor. It shows you all the chatting from the target device, so you can know who the user is texting and about what. And this is important because, in 2020, not a lot of people still use SMS and phone calls.

Especially, younger people use Snapchat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and other messengers and social media to text each other and make phone calls. And it is financially beneficial because almost everyone has a constant internet connection. So, why do they have to pay for a phone call, why can you do a free call via the internet.

Also, in 2020 most of the messengers are encrypted. It means that there is no way someone can intercept a message and read it. That’s why more and more companies switch to messengers and social media for corporate communications. And you obviously won’t be able to send a PDF or pack of photos via SMS.

But there is an issue. While Spyzie allows you to get into chats on the target device without jailbreaking it, other developers still have not figured it out. And you have to remember that jailbreak compromises antivirus and malware protection of the iPhone. That’s why you have to be careful looking for an iPhone spy app.

Social media monitoring

With a proper spy app for iPhone, you can also monitor social media activities.

All social media activities:

  • Posts;
  • Reposts;
  • Likes;
  • Comments;
  • Viewed posts, pages;
  • Viewed videos;
  • Chats.

A spy application gathers all the activities, so you can see what he or she has been doing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media.

Call records

This feature you can have only with quite good spyware. As it might be clear from the name, an iPhone spy app can record all the inbound and outbound phone calls. So, you would be able no only to see when, who, and for how long he was talking to but also you would be able to listen to their discussion.

Call interception

This feature is even more advanced. It allows you to listen directly to a phone call that is happening at the same moment. At the same time, they talk, you can also listen to it.

How to spy on another iPhone via computer? Is it possible?

The answer is yes, it is possible to spy on iPhone from your PC. Most of the spy apps work in this way. You have an online console on an official website of a developer. Just login and see all the activity of a target device or devices. There you will be able to see all the data you need and the stats you need. A few years before, it was hardly possible to manage devices but now almost every brand has a console with a user-friendly interface.

But don’t forget about a mobile version every console has. And even more, some of the brands provide users with a mobile application. So, you can control all the processes via your device.

Forbidden actions alerts

Since new spy applications supply you with tons of data, it becomes really hard to see what is actually happening. On the other hand, it is impossible and impractical to look after someone’s device like a watchdog. That’s why spy apps can become your watchdogs.

To facilitate control over target devices, software manufacturers added an option to set alerts on forbidden actions. For example, in a company, they use WhatsApp to communicate with each other, then they need no other social media or messengers. But someone just decided to install another messenger or even a game on the corporate device. In such a case, you can set the installation of any app as a forbidden action, so you’ll get an alert and ask a target device user for an explanation.

You can also set alerts on every kind of action: entering specific webpages, social media use, phone calls to someone they are not supposed to talk with, etc.


Another truly fantastic feature you can use is a Keylogger. In simple words, it reads keys and taps on the screen. Then it records what a target device user is writing or even reading. And that allows you to set alerts on some words.

Partial remote control

Another very useful feature new tracking apps have is the direct control over the device. But it is not a total control but partial. You can turn it off, block, delete data from it, uninstall an app, or conduct a complete factory reset with wiping all the data. And do it remotely and even without an internet connection by sending an SMS.

How to spy on another iPhone legally?

Is it even legal? As everybody knows, location, travel history, all the data on a mobile phone, chats, social media activity, and phone calls are personal information. No one can have access to it without permission. Only a parent can get all this information from his child without permission because a parent is in charge of child actions and health.

Spying on an adult is possible only if he or she is a suspect, and you have an order to do it. If it is not your case, then you have to warn about the fact of spying and have permission from the target device user. Otherwise, it is a privacy violation. If you want to spy on employees, it would be necessary to warn them and have an agreement about the monitoring. Or it can be included in the contract.

Why people spy on iPhone?

There only two reasons to use monitoring software legally:

  • Parental control;
  • Employee control;
  • Catch a cheating spouse.

Parental Control

Built-in parental control services on the iPhone are not useful. There is no wide arrangement of features you can see provided even by antiviruses developers. That’s why these years a lot of parents start using spyware to be able to see where their children are and what they are doing.

Employee Control

To cut down procrastination and unproductivity of employees, it is recommended to use monitoring apps. They would help to track the activity and location of employees. But you can install them freely only on corporate devices, not private.

Exceptionally well a tracking application would work with curriers and drivers because you can see their working progress on a map.

The best spy app for iPhone 2020

It was really easy to select the best spy app you can have on your device. It was that easy because, unlike others, Spyic just does support all the features without making users jailbreak their devices. They don’t want it. And Spyic allows you to be safe and spy at the same time.


Spyic is a top-notch spy application that works both with Apple iPhone and Android equally well. It has a well-designed interface, works fast, and has a really good support team. So, even if you struggle to do something more advanced with a device that casual everyday use, they would help you to set spyware in the right way. But the main advantage of Spyic is that it practically needs no jailbreak to work well with all the features it got.


  • Work without jailbreak;
  • Has a beautiful interface;
  • Professional support team;
  • Over 35 features.


  • Price.


Spyera is another great choice. It has all the benefits Spyic does, but it does not work really well on devices with no jailbreak. Still, it has a nice user-friendly interface and a great support team. And the number of features is almost the same as Spyic has. Also, Spyera works for PC and MAC as well. So, this is your choice if you want to spy on employees’ or child’s PC or MAC as well as on their mobile devices. And it is a really good application in terms of secrecy. It is completely undetectable.


  • Most of the features work without jailbreak;
  • Completely undetectable;
  • Works with PC and MAC;
  • Over 35 features.


  • Needs jailbreak for some services to work properly.


The main focus of iKeyMonitor is parental control and child protection. This app was developed specifically for a kid and older children to prevent cyberbullying, sexual harassment, scamming, drug selling, and promoting gambling to kids. The main tool of this app is a keylogger that precisely detects everything that a child is typing or reading. Also, this app has a commercial use as an employee monitor but it is not as good as we want.


  • Very precise keylogger;
  • Perfect for parental control;
  • Some services work without jailbreaking.


  • Majority of features need jailbreak;
  • Less functional.


If you wonder how to spy on iPhone, the answer is next – by a spy app that you can easily find on the internet. There are dozens of brands other there you can ask for help. Even more. Now, it is much easier than it was before. Spyware does not require a jailbreak. It is easy to set even for a beginner. It is extremely easy to use. It has powerful functionality behind it you can use for both parental and employee control.

Monitoring applications did a huge step forward in a few past years. Or it would be more accurate – a great jump towards bug-free running, user-friendly interface, huge list of services, cross-platform, etc. Now you can finally see what you are paying for and use possibilities spyware gives to you.

What is the best app you might ask? For many reasons – Spyic. But the main reason why we consider it as the best one is that it does not require device jailbreaking at all. It just works as we all need.

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